A little about me

I live in Sydney, Australia and am currently freelancing to allow me to enjoy all things digital, multimedia, the web and my young family.

Photo of Janet Davies

Starring in a 'Discover your Colours' video!

I previously worked in a global educational publishing company as a Multimedia Developer. My job was to develop digital eLearning content to support the print products, in whatever form that might take. Working in a small team meant I had the opportunity to try my hand at creating an unbelievable range of deliverables including but not limited to, website templates and portal pages, DVD production, PowerPoint templates, digital illustrations and animations, database management, providing voice-overs for instructional videos and the list goes on.

I was also the department's 'go-to' person for audio/video.

I really developed a passion for producing video optimised for the web but I was also involved in script development and voice-over recordings for instructional eLearning deliverables, as well as filming and post-production on a range of in-house corporate projects from interview/vox pop style scenarios to large sales conference meetings. Often working with restricted budgets I learned to make do with the equipment on hand while still producing multimedia of a professional standard to suit corporate situations and sales in high-end products. I always enjoy finding a 'MacGyver' solution to a production challenge!

Unfortunately the nature of the work I produced over my time with that company is all either confidential, locked down under Digital Rights Management policies or for books that are no longer offered for sale but I'm in the process of fleshing out my portfolio with more recent examples of my work available for public viewing.

I have extensive experience working in corporate environments and understand the processes and quality level required for professional looking work. I also have experience and understand the limitations of working to tight budgets and timeframes and enjoy finding the balance between the two needs.

I have also produced work, mainly while attaining my Masters in Interactive Multimedia, under 'Jetsy Ketsy Productions', my maiden name, Janet Tot and my old website www.thejct.net.