'Stink bug!' - Computer game

Creative project - 2009

Original computer game created using GameMaker

Download and play the exe file (8.6MB)

Project brief:

This was the final major deliverable for the subject ‘Computer Game Design’, part of my Masters degree.

Instructions were to design and build an original 'serious' computer game, with the focus on the game design, not the code/build. GameMaker 7 was used for the backend.


In Stink bug!, you play the bug, evading a pesticide spraying farmer and hungry birds, while managing a limited food supply. Inspired by Persuasive Games, the game play, as well as the embedded direct messages at different end points, attempts to aid the player in learning and inspire thinking about sustainable living.

This was a solo project. The month-long development process was blogged).

Stink bug! was used in a presentation to the Institute for Sustainable Futures at UTS as an example of the potential of games in education.

Skill set demonstrated:

GameMaker 7, Illustrator, Photoshop, Audacity

‘Playcentric’ (user-centred iterative) design; user/play testing; prototyping; game design; audio recording/editing; concept development; play mechanics