'Zauron, the dream infector' - Experimental Bolex film project

Creative project - 2009

Short video created from shot and found Bolex footage

Project brief:

This was the major final deliverable for the subject ‘Film/Video 1’, part of my Masters degree.

Instructions were to develop an original film and sound project using a Bolex 16mm camera and sound recorder.


The Zauron marquette I used to create a stop-motion animation scene was created for another subject 'Graphic Visualisation'. This footage was combined with pieces of found footage, alongside scratched film and Flash animated text. The audio was a combination of self-recorded, internet and catalogue-sourced material.

Skill set demonstrated:

FinalCutPro, Flash, Audacity, SoundtrackPro

Concept development; storytelling; storyboarding; working with film; lighting; film recording/editing; sound recording/editing; stop motion animation; telecine